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Is Your Fleet Facing Demanding Challenges?

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Every day fleets have work to do, and as the world transitions towards greener more sustainable vehicles, the MAX-EV off-road vehicle with an optional 4×4 brings a stronger alternative to the market. Let’s rethink green fleets.

Electric Utility Vehicles: The Most Efficient And Versatile Vehicle For Fleets.

Is Your Fleet Facing Demanding Challenges?

Today’s business climate is tough for any type of organization. Businesses are pressed to find ways to increase profitability while driving down costs. Local municipalities are pushed to go green while purchasing more with less. Universities must handle a diverse set of needs while keeping to the highest of standards. And of course, costs increase as budgets decrease.

With difficulties on every front, we make things easy. Our no-nonsense lineup of vehicles are all fully customizable to fit just about any stiff set of requirements and are built to last doing all the specialty tasks you hand-pick them for.

And what about the dirty jobs that need a serious workhorse? We offer a great alternative to traditional diesel and gas utility vehicles.

MAX-EV ORV: Reimagining Off-Road Vehicles

Introducing the MAX-EV Off-Road Vehicle (ORV), the toughest compact electric commercial vehicle on the market. It’s a vehicle designed to work when you work, where you work.

It’s the perfect solution for your heavy-duty work in difficult conditions, throughout the course of your day. Our MAX-EV Off-Road Vehicle was designed for work. It doesn’t mind getting dirty as it hauls, tows, and gets you and your tools into and out of the toughest of situations.

Just look at these features:

  • Turf tires
  • Optional knobby ATV-style tires
  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • Full 2.5″ powder-coated steel roll bar chassis
  • Lithium-Ion Battery packs
  • Automotive grade components
  • Tow up to 1500 lbs
  • Add up to 1100 lbs on the deck
  • New lower MSRP! Starting under $20,000 usd

What happens when nimble competitors enter the market and gain an edge through innovation and technology? You choose to acquire and operate vehicles with a low Total Cost of Ownership and built-in distinct advantages. You know you need to do more with less in order to remain competitive, and the MAX-EV ORV is the perfect vehicle to get the job done. A typical charge costs under $2 a day, saving thousands of dollars over a 7 year fleet life cycle.

 What is the difference between an ATV and an ORV?

An ORV is defined as any wheeled or tracked motorized vehicle designed or adapted for off-road use. An ATV is an ORV that travels on three or more low-pressure tires, has a seat designed to be straddled by the operator of the vehicle and has handlebars for steering the vehicle. (Note definition may vary per state or provincial jurisdiction)

The new Westward MAX-EV Off-road vehicle (ORV) is now available for purchase!

MAX-EV ORV: Off-Road Vehicle Meets Comfort

The new base model MAX-EV ORV comes standard with an open canopy, 6kw Lithium-Ion battery, and flat deck. Our valued customers are able to order a base model on our website starting with a low MSRP. Then, you can customize one to your liking directly on the site. You have so many options!

  • Larger longer-range batteries
  • Enclosed cab
  • Roof
  • DOT windshield
  • Turn signal package
  • Doors
  • Heat 
  • Air conditioning
  • Cargo van box
  • …and more! 

MAX-EV ORV 4wd: A True Off-Road Utility Vehicle for any Condition

The MAX-EV electric All-wheel drive offers fleets the ability to have a zero-emission compact electric 4×4 work truck that can handle any light or medium off-road conditions. Snow, loose gravel or soil and inclines are all easily handled by this 4wd. No need to toggle special switches or lock a differential, the system powers two separate front and rear motors that allow constant power to wheels with the highest traction.

Why consider this electric 4×4? The MAX-EV is built with independent suspension which means it’s a natural fit for tough assignments in loose terrain areas. Uber-tough chassis for demanding workload. Add a tow hitch, knobby tires, dumb bed, and many more options are available to make sure you can depend on this unit in more remote service locations.

Easily handles:

  • Loose terrain
  • Inclines
  • Snow / Ice
  • Course gravel
  • Shallow marshlands
  • Other natural terrains
  • Increased towing capability on loose soil
  • Our tough new 4×4 vehicle will work alongside you regardless of your intended use for the ORV.
  • Ideal for construction sites, mining, farms, vineyards, parks and rec, hilly terrain and more.

Interested in creating your own vehicle?

With our online 3D builder, you can customize your Westward Vehicle to the exact specifications you need and receive a complimentary quote and follow-up call.

Why consider MAX-EV over the competition?

  • Fuel Savings and Maintenance Savings
  • Premium Lithium-Ion technology
  • Built in North America
  • American-built and supported controller
  • European high-efficiency permanent magnetic motors
  • European high-efficiency differential
  • Automotive disc brakes
  • Independent suspension – Best in class ride
  • Remote factory support with local dealer support
  • Best price for quality in class

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Interested in creating your own vehicle?

With our online 3D builder you can customize your Westward Vehicle to the exact specifications you need and receive a complimentary quote and follow-up call.