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Across America; Municipalities, Universities, Police & Parking Departments are proud users.

“The GO-4 is the perfect vehicle for our on-street parking enforcement. The efficient design allows our patrollers to quickly move through downtown Fargo without interfering in normal traffic flow and the improved suspension system allows the vehicle to travel more safely in our northern climate. The Go4 Interceptor is an essential tool of our parking management program.”

Andrew Renfrew
Fargo Operations Manager, Interstate Parking Company – Fargo, ND

We work with most leading vendors of LPR to install hardware direct at the factory. Simply let us know what type of LPR criteria your department has and we will work with our partners to offer a turnkey package in return. The process is simplified when all hardware is installed as we build the vehicle for your specific requirements.

Introducing Basic and Premium LPR models:

 Basic E-Chalking

Basic E chalking consist of an onboard computer with 1 or 2 cameras ready with LPR loaded software. The system identifies license plates and enforces through time zones, permit management, and gps location. If a zone is set to 2 hours, on your second pass through any vehicles detected in the same location beyond the time zone will alert the operator of the infraction. Before and after images are illustrated for confirmation, as well as GPS coordinates.

 Premium Integration

Our integrations platform consists of strategic partners offering a minimum of a 2 camera system with on board LPR software such as the above illustrations. However with Premium the system communicates with all leading vendors such as T2, Flowbird, ParkMobile and more… If for example your LPR system must communicate with your handheld, payment kiosk, you would require our premium integrations platform. For any further interest please fill and submit the form below so that we can understand your specific needs.

With ALPR cameras mounted on a parking enforcement vehicle, operators can optimize their routes and become more efficient at covering many types of parking zones throughout a city. This helps municipalities improve parking services for residents and businesses.

Pricing Table For Model Types

LPR Style Description Description
Basics E Chalking Entry level platform for LPR reading, time enforcement, including GPS locator Starting from $ 12,500 ( Includes 1 camera with hardware and Software. 2nd camera optional )
Premium Full Integration Fully integrated LPR with integrations from all Leading vendors Starting from $ 25,000 ( 2 cameras, hardware, Software and 1-2 integrations )
*Estimated pricing excludes taxes, training, annual subscription, local GSM fees.
*Various platforms may or may not include hosting. Please inquire.

ALPR System Selection Questions

Customer Name / Contact Info

  • Are you a Muncipality or Company?
  • Muncipality
  • Company

What Type of enforcement are you Looking to Accomplish?

Basics: Time Limited E-Chalking, GPS Locator.
Premium: Scofflaw, Permit Enforcement, Integrations

Integrations: List Payment Mechanisms or Permit Services You are Using, or Plan to Use?

Permit Registrations and Purchase; Kiosks; Pay by Phone. Please List Companies Needing Integration:

Self-hosted or Cloud Based Server?

Cellular Connection or Dedicated Router?

The System Requires A Dedicated Network Connection and Cellular is the Most Common Option.

Hardware (Computer) is Typically Chosen and Hard Wired by Westward, Meeting Specs Given by the LPR Vendor. If You Have any Preferences Please List and Explain Why.

Anything That You Would Wish to Add:


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