Westward Industries Testimonials

Mark Lyons – CIty of Sarasota – Speaks about GO-4 at FPTA expo

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The Go4 scooter is the only vehicle we use for downtown parking enforcement. The double-sided sliding doors, the slim body, and the maneuverability make it the ideal vehicle. We used another type of vehicle for a few years and had so many accidents we sold them all and went back to the Go4.
Brandy Stanley - CAPP, Parking Manager, City of Las Vegas
Umpqua Basin Water Association, Inc is a non-profit member-based water district that serves the rural portion of Roseburg, located in Douglas County, Oregon. We cover over 100 square miles of area and currently have over 280 miles of water pipeline in the ground. The Association serves a population of about 8950 people with over 3461 connections.

We manually read over 3461 water meters monthly. In the past, our choice of meter reading vehicle was the Ford Ranger. While the Ford Ranger was a good vehicle to use, we were only getting about 6mpg. Along with the wear and tear on the Rangers, we had to look for an alternative type of vehicle for a meter reading.

Back in 2012, UBWA made the decision to add three GO4’s to our fleet. We have not regretted our decision as our cost for meter reading dropped by over $7,000 per year. Also, due to the size and maneuverability of the GO4’s, the meter readers were able to shave time off of meter reading. The GO4’s have been a great addition to our fleet of vehicles, and they will remain as our number one choice for this type of task.

Brad Johnson – General Manager (Water Meter Reading – GO-4 Efficiencies), Umpqua Basin Water, OR, Dec 2018

GO-4 Refuse Testimonial: The Village of Scarsdale ( Westchester County NY) has been searching for a replacement to their fleet of 3-wheeled sanitation scooters for many years. Through the willingness of the leaders at GO-4 they produced a scooter that not only meets our needs, they exceed what we previously had. Thanks to the team at GO-4 for working with us to find a solution!!

Benedict Salanitro - Superintendent of Public Works (GO-4 EXT Refuse vehicle), City of Scarsdale, NY, Dec 2018

GO-4 vehicles are an asset to our enforcement program. They have the ability to maneuver and turn-around on the narrow streets of our town. The right hand entry door has increased the officer safety so that they do not have to exit the vehicle in a lane of traffic. We use them year round in all weather conditions with minimal problems.

Blake Fitch - CAPP Parking Operations Manager, City of Aspen, CO Nov 2018

I have had years of working out of a GO4 vehicle. I used to work as a Parking Enforcement Officer for the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. Here I drove them off and on daily for nine years, depending on which beat (sector) we were in. I have been in numerous accidents where people have struck me while working and have found them to be excellent in keeping the driver safe. One year I had 4 different people strike me and walked away each time…

The design is basically a rolling roll cage, much like a race car design. This helps prevent the driver from being injured. To anyone who may be considering adding them to their fleet, from a safety aspect it is an excellent vehicle to use for parking enforcement. In fact I hope to be acquiring some next budget year

Larry Lightfoot - Parking Enforcement Manager, City of Lake Worth, FL Jan 2018

As one of Westwards key dealers, representing California since the early 1990′s, we have overall noticed a significant increase in tech support and efficient parts supply since the Franz brothers took over in 2012.

The vehicles have improved in quality and dependability. Overall warranty claims have decreased and customers appear to be satisfied with the product as they continue to submit repeat orders.

James Wheeler President, Municipal Maintenance Equipment

In the process of selling and implementing Genetec License Plate Recognition systems in cities, campuses and businesses. I have found many times that parking lots and decks are tight and space is limited. I find the GO-4 a great vehicle for these situations gaining the most from the LPR system with the added mobility. The tight turning radius is a huge plus for navigating these busy surroundings. Having the ability to exit and enter from either side of the vehicle is a great benefit for safety when enforcing. I see the GO-4 being the right fit for areas where space is at a premium versus a considerably larger vehicle.

Mike Nesselrodt - Accounts Representative, ComSonics Inc. Public Safety - Harrisonburg, VA

The Go4 is the perfect vehicle for our on-street parking enforcement. The efficient design allows our patrollers to quickly move through downtown Fargo without interfering in normal traffic flow and the improved suspension system allows the vehicle to travel more safely in our northern climate. The Go4 Interceptor is an essential tool of our parking management program.

Andrew Renfrew - Fargo Operations Manager, Interstate Parking Company - Fargo, ND

We have used the Go4 in the City of St Petersburg in the past and recently returned to them.  We found that the new Go4 vehicle is much improved from the previous years. The company has been very responsive to our needs and we highly endorse their new model.  We will continue to use them and have budgeted for additional units.

Keith Glasgow - Parking Management Coordinator, Transportation and Parking Management - City of St Petersburg

The Sausalito Police Department Parking Division has successfully utilized the GO-4 Interceptor since 1995. The department completed significant market research and evaluation of available vehicles when the time came to refresh the parking vehicle fleet.  After a thorough assessment, we have confirmed that the GO-4 is the best fit for our needs.  Our experience with the management has been positive and they have gone above and beyond to meet our needs and requirements.

Lieutenant Stacie Gregory, Sausalito Police Department

The Go4 quite simply is the most suitable parking enforcement vehicle operating today.  The vehicle is the most maneuverable parking enforcement vehicle and affords the enforcement officer a high degree of safety and comfort.  We have tested other vehicles, but continue to return to the Go4 as it provides the greatest overall return on investment.

Mark Lyons CAPP - Co-Chair International Parking Institute, Parking Division General Manager - City of Sarasota

As the equipment superintendent at City of Berkeley, I have been dealing with the GO-4 parking enforcement vehicle for years.  The city has preferred the GO-4 above all other vehicles for parking enforcement, and it has been my department’s duty to keep the vehicles operating every day.  I have been very pleased dealing with the new ownership at Westward.  Service, parts, and quality seems to be on the constantly improving.  For any previous concerns, direct contact with the company’s directors has been prompt and helpful.  I wish these guys a successful future.

Bill Ivie - Equipment Superintendent, City of Berkeley