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“The GO-4 is the most suitable parking enforcement vehicle operating today. It is the most maneuverable parking enforcement vehicle and affords the enforcement officer a high degree of safety and comfort. We have tested other vehicles but continue to return to the GO-4 as it provides the greatest overall return on investment.”

Mark Lyons, Co-Chair International Parking Institute, CAPP
Parking Division General Manager City of Sarasota

Municipal Case Studies

San Francisco, CA

Population: 884,363
Customer Since: 1995
Vehicles Used: 300 Gas GO-4, 2 EV GO-4 — with chalking and some LPR integration
Primary Use: Parking Enforcement
Major Challenge: Severe traffic & density
The Solution: The GO-4 and GO-4 EV

With nearly 40,000 parking spaces to monitor, San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) needed a vehicle that could withstand the high usage and short distance wear and tear impact that would typically limit their fleet’s lifespan. SFMTA looked to Westward Industries to improve their parking enforcement department’s efficiency while limiting their vehicle’s footprint in very challenging terrain and severe traffic congestion – and has grown their GO-4 fleet over the last 24 years. Recently, the City has begun replacing units at the end of their life cycle, some aged 23 years —a testament to the durability of the vehicle.

Aspen, CO

Population: 7,359
Customer Since: 2006
Vehicles Used: 3 Gas GO-4 — LPR integrated
Primary Use: Parking Enforcement
Major Challenge: Tourist season & space constraints
The Solution: The GO-4 with LPR install

The City of Aspen is known as a tourist hot spot in Colorado. The population influxes drastically during the winter months, increasing traffic congestion and parking management needs. Aspen needed a parking enforcement vehicle that delivered superior maneuverability to help meet their goals of decreasing congestion and improving efficiencies while enforcing their residential paid parking zones. The City of Aspen originally purchased GO-4 vehicles in 1994 and have relied on GO-4’s as their primary enforcement vehicle through all weather conditions, including extreme wind and snow.

Santa Monica, CA

Population: 92,306
Customer Since: 1993
Vehicles Used: 30 EV GO-4, 22 Gas GO-4
Primary Use: Parking Enforcement
Major Challenge: Operating a low emissions vehicle for severe usage in Parking Enforcement
The Solution: The GO-4 EV

The City of Santa Monica, an early adopter of the GO-4, has mixed density and terrain in just over 8 square miles. From a coastline full of tourists, to a dense city center and hilly suburbs, the City’s demanding environment led them to test multiple vehicles for parking enforcement. In recent years, the GO-4 electric vehicle was tested in Santa Monica and passed all requirements for range and usage. Soon after, a total of 30 units were ordered and deployed. Now running in their fourth year, the units have proven to be reliable and dependable. The vehicles are under severe usage every day and continue to be workhorses for the department.

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