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Low-Speed Vehicles reduce fleet cost

Reduce fleet cost with the MAX-EV electric utility vehicle

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Westward Industries produces unique low-speed vehicles for commercial fleets, reducing the overall fleet cost.

Electric Utility Vehicles: The Most Efficient And Versatile Vehicle For Fleets.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Low-speed vehicles are growing in popularity across many commercial sectors due to their versatility and numerous benefits. Westward Industries is at the forefront of the low-speed revolution, producing a range of different vehicles for commercial fleets.

These vehicles are suitable in a wide variety of settings, including universities, hotels, golf courses, industrial facilities, municipal fleets, public works, and gated communities. Fixing a van body to the vehicle also makes it suitable for short-distance deliveries. The initial thought of a low-speed vehicle sounds restrictive, but they are far from it. Their versatility makes them ideal for a plethora of jobs, and they provide fleet owners with a whole host of benefits. Most notably, the low-speed vehicles manufactured by Westward Industries are designed to reduce fleet costs for organizations across North America.

Reducing Fleet Costs For Commercial Fleets

A low-speed vehicle is a four-wheeled motor vehicle with a total weight of under 3,000 pounds and a top speed between 25 mph. Consequently, the smaller bodies mean they cost less to operate than moving a much larger and heavier vehicle. This translates to cheaper investments for commercial institutions that need to obtain multiple vehicles for a fleet.

Moreover, Westward Industries focuses on electric low-speed vehicles (ELSVs). These vehicles produce zero carbon emissions, dramatically lowering the cost of fleet maintenance. Not needing to pay premium prices for gas means that these vehicles are cheaper to run. Thousands of dollars per year will be saved, with an ELSV costing approximately $350 per year to power, compared to over $2,000 to fuel a gas vehicle. Multiply those figures by however many vehicles are in a fleet, and you can see why these low-speed machines are gaining popularity.

Utilizing an electric motor instead of a combustion engine with gears also means there’s a reduced risk of constant repairs. Westward Industries chooses lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid ones to further reduce fleet costs. While these batteries are more expensive initially, they save money over the full life cycle.

There is a range of ELSVs available by Westward Industries, each one boasting different capabilities and performance stats. In a world where energy efficiency and being eco-friendly are more important than ever, low-speed electric vehicles seem like the obvious choice. Especially when the financial savings are taken into account as well. As the low-speed revolution continues to pick up pace, Westward Industries is certainly leading the way.

About Westward Industries

Westward Industries is a vehicle manufacturer based in Winnipeg, Canada. The company became famous for its production of the GO-4 task-specific utility vehicle. Over the years, it has branched out to develop a wider range of vehicles to be used across numerous industries. With a firm focus on sustainability, the enterprise now produces a fantastic selection of electric low-speed vehicles. 

More information can be found here: https://westwardindustries.com/

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