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Electric utility vehicles: The most efficient and versatile vehicle for fleets

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Universities, governments, and associated organizations are constantly looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and set an example for the rest of the economy. Many are now trying to hit net zero targets and tame the climate beast. And that’s spurring interest in electric utility vehicles (EUVs). 

EUVs are nothing like the golf carts or milk floats of the past that relied on low-power, short-range, and heavy, inefficient lead-acid batteries. Today’s vehicles are significantly more capable, drawing on the tremendous technological advances of the last ten years. 

On-road versions of EUV’s are typically classed by authorities as Low Speed Vehicles. Most states allow operators to drive these vehicles on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. 

They tend to be more versatile, flexible, and cheaper to run than their larger carbon-dioxide-emitting brethren. And because they feature more advanced batteries, they tend to have a considerably longer range than their lead-acid forebears. As such, these vehicles are becoming increasingly popular fleet choices. 

As you might expect, today’s low-speed vehicles have all the functionality of regular cars and trucks. Models come equipped with parking brakes, turn signals, seatbelts, mirrors, and powerful headlights. They run considerably faster than conventional golf carts, which are limited to speeds of between 15 and 20 mph. And, unlike these caddy-carrying electric vehicles, EUVs are street-legal and do not require any dramatic modifications. 

The following are a few benefits of EUV inherent versatility for universities, governments, and private sector firms.

Street Legal

Electric Utility Vehicles are street-legal on most roads in major cities, including suburban streets and gridiron roads closer to the city center. As long as the public road has a speed limit of 35 mph or less, you can drive on it. 

Nearly Maintenance-Free

Maintenance for EUV’s is now greatly reduced compared to traditional ICE engines.  EUV drive trains contain a fraction of the parts found in typical gas engines, meaning ongoing maintenance is now significantly reduced and close to maintenance-free.  Keeping them in good working condition requires occasional tire changes, checking brakes, and leaving the vehicle plugged in over the weekend. The onboard battery management system can keep the battery healthy long-term.  Our EUV-s plug-in to 110v or 220v. We also offer a J1772 port and cable. 

Great Acceleration

Long-lasting Lithium-Ion batteries offer much greater energy density and minimal degradation, meaning there is more consistent power on board for the duration of the on-board charge. Old milk floats and golf carts suffered in this department, but thanks to these new powerful batteries, the new crop of EUVs is a step in the right direction. 

Opportunity charge as needed

It’s incredibly easy to charge EUVs in your fleet. Westward vehicles like the MAX-EV plug into 110v or 220v, and we offer several J1772 cables or wall-mounted versions to pick from. Opportunity charge is no problem with Lithium-Ion technology.

Functions In Cold Weather

Lastly, EUVs can function quite well in colder weather.  In sub-freezing weather, you will notice a reduction of the available range, but the vehicle’s performance is still well.  We do recommend charging indoors in sub-freezing temps.

Even the Canada Post is going green. 

Electric Utility Vehicles: The Most Efficient And Versatile Vehicle For Fleets.

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