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Electric utility trucks emerge as the eco-friendly future of utility vehicles

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Electric utility trucks emerge as the eco-friendly future of utility vehicles

Compact and customizable, Electric Utility Trucks help businesses reduce their carbon footprint! 

Westward Vehicles continues to shine in the emerging electric utility vehicle market with their customizable 4 Wheel EUT (electric utility truck) – The MAX-EV. 

An electric utility truck, or EUT, is a type of vehicle specifically designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint without losing the needed power and versatility their fleets already have. Unlike traditional large gas or diesel-powered utility trucks, EUTs are compact and highly customizable, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. 

Advanced Electric Utility Truck Features

With advanced features such as regenerative braking, efficient power distribution systems, and advanced lithium-ion battery packs, EUTs are quickly becoming the preferred choice for utility vehicle fleets serving congested areas. So if you’re looking for a greener, more maneuverable, and more cost-effective option for your business, look no further than the MAX-EV electric utility truck!

Westward Vehicles MAX-EV electric utility truck differs significantly from other electric utility trucks. A highly efficient electric Pmac motor powers the MAX-EV, offers a rugged 2.5-inch rollbar chassis, automotive grade components, and lithium-ion batteries, and is charged through standard electric charging stations. Making it environmentally friendly, easy to use, and long-lasting. MAX-EVs are an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to transport supplies to locations that may need electricity to power equipment or appliances. Charge typically for under $2 a day.

The MAX-EV electric utility truck offers premium components and differs from upgraded golf carts available on the market. The MAX-EV electric utility truck is specifically designed and built to have all the key features you’d expect a work truck to have, some call outs are: 

  • Automotive grade 4 wheel independent suspension
  • DOT windshields 
  • DOT LED lighting, optional A/C, Heat, Bluetooth radio.
  • Automotive-grade 4-wheel disc brakes
  • American motor controller
  • European motor and differential
  • Lithium-Ion only
  • Large color display with technical info
  • And more! (See all accessories)

Electric Utility Truck Size Matters

The MAX-EV electric utility truck is compact in size, easily navigates into tight spaces making it ideal for navigating crowded urban areas. Its customizable design also allows businesses to choose from a range of different battery packs and power systems depending on their specific needs and requirements. Westward offers 4 different Lithium-Ion battery packs allowing the consumer to pick the range needed. If you are looking for a reliable, eco-friendly utility vehicle for your business, look no further than the MAX-EV electric utility truck!

The MAX-EV can tow 1500 pounds of cargo, making it useful for utility, mechanical, and construction companies. An electric utility truck can carry or transport heavy equipment, tools, and can be used to help with maintenance tasks throughout the grounds. The MAX-EV has the capacity to carry between 500 and 1500 pounds of cargo (model depending), making it an ideal vehicle for utility workers who need reliable access to a wide range of equipment, but wish to avoid running a large truck, which typically runs on fossil fuels releasing high levels of C02 emissions.

MAX-EV Electric Utility Truck Powertrain

The MAX-EVs all-electric powertrain is designed to withstand the rugged conditions and strain of daily utility work, allowing workers to focus on essential tasks without worrying about engine maintenance or refueling. Thanks to its versatility, the MAX-EV is a practical choice for utility companies looking to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity.

The MAX-EV is a powerful and reliable utility truck that can easily tackle the toughest jobs. It’s an ideal choice for companies looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs because the MAX-EV can do the job cost-effectively and safely. Those looking for an electric utility truck that will help their company perform at its best need to look no further than the MAX-EV.

Westward Vehicles History

A little bit about the history of Westward Vehicles. Westward Vehicles was founded as a family business and has consistently demonstrated extensive mechanical knowledge, industry-leading innovation, and future-focused development. Since its inception, Westward Vehicles has built a solid reputation for manufacturing specialized vehicles for niche markets, including patrol vehicles for the NYC Police Department, Santa Monica, California, and Aspen, Colorado.

In 2012 Westward Vehicles was taken over by new management whose focus was to develop their environmentally friendly electric vehicle options further. This meant improving the GO-4 and launching a fully electric sister model, the GO-4 EV. The MAX-EV was designed soon after as a more broad-use, rugged, on-road electric utility truck, permitted on roads up to 35mph.

Electric Utility Vehicles: The Most Efficient And Versatile Vehicle For Fleets.

Electric Utility Truck Compared to an Ford F-150

Electric Utility Truck compared to Ford F-150

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