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MAX-EV is heading to Canada’s Wonderland

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Canadian families have been heading to Canada’s Wonderland since 1981, and now we are pleased to share, so is the MAX-EV. 

Canada’s largest seasonal amusement park, owned by Cedar Fair, just purchased a MAX-EV for their park operations. 


Their unit is equipped with 15kw Lithium-ion long-lasting battery pack, doors, cargo bed and heat. 


This configuration is ideal for outdoor settings, like amusement parks: 

  • The solid steel doors, enclosed quiet unibody cabin and efficient warm heater offer a safe ride for the operator in all weather conditions 
  • Cargo beds are ideal for carrying whatever to wherever needed within the park – saves time and optimizes work 
  • Engineered for frequent stops. Idles without wasting battery power or emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere 


Additionally, MAX-EV’s compact body and narrow turning radius will allow the vehicle to run through almost any path. 


Besides amusement parks, the MAX-EV is also a great addition for tasks like Maintenance & Landscape, Delivery & Cargo, Construction & Industrial, Food Service & Mobile Business and Farming & Agricultural .


You can build your own MAX-EV with more than 20 accessories and choose from four different pack sizes.


For more on the MAX-EV, download the brochure .

We are pleased to announce that the move to our new location is complete! Our new location is: 75 Archibald St. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2J0V7

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