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Driving the fun up

Driving the fun up

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Carowinds Amusement Park welcomes multiple unit MAX-EV order 

We wanted to share more great success regarding the ever growing applications for the MAX-EV line.  


Carowinds is a 407-acre amusement Park located in the Carolinas. The Park is located both In North and South Carolina at the same time. The official entrance is in Charlotte, North Carolina and a fair portion of the park is in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Attendance ranges from 2-3 million/year and is owned and operated by Cedar Fair – same as Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s Great America, Canada’s Wonderland, and many others. 


The Park ordered 3 white MAX-EVs as follows: 

  • Battery pack: 6kw  
  • Cabin enclosure: doors, rear cab wrapper and sliding rear window 
  • Comfort: Heat and AC 
  • Electric: inside cab ceiling light, 2 in 1 charging cord 
  • Safety: Nerf Bar  


MAX-EVs are a good addition to amusement parks and can be used for an array of tasks: maintenance, equipment transportation, patrols, parking supervision, food concessions, etc 

 For more info on the MAX-EV, visit our MAX-EV vehicle page


Increased attention to environmental impact 

Parks are going green. Generation Z and Millennials, the largest customer base of theme parks, are putting pressure on the theme park industry to use clean energy sources, reduce waste, and offer vegan food options. (source here)

  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii just became 100% solar powered (source here) 
  • The Walt Disney Company released a set of environmental goals for 2030 that focus on greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, materials and sustainable design. (source here) 

Welcome to the world of MAX-EV, Carowinds! We are glad to have you along with us on this ride.

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