Does EV save money?

Does EV save money?

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One of the most obvious benefits of driving an EV is the amount of money you can save on fuel. Even more obvious now, considering the latest price spikes, especially in California. According to a CNBC article, Americans are now paying the most at the pump in seven years, the highest since at least October 2014.

Fuel Savings Calculator

Many US states are working to develop reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, besides the promotion and incentives to encourage 100% zero-emission vehicle sales.

It is a fact that electricity is cheaper than gas, so you can optimize your budget by switching to an Electric Vehicle. Use our online calculator to estimate how much you can save.

Westward Industries’ Electric Vehicles

We’ve been producing our electric utility vehicle since 2014. Our most significant purpose is to design and manufacture electric utility vehicles aligned with market needs and solve a real problem for our customers, creating an immediate benefit for them and the environment.

MAX-EV Maintenance & Landscape: Optimize work and easily transport supplies and equipment. The MAX-EV is entirely customizable and made to order. Ideal for functional checks, repairing, replacing, and supporting utilities in business and residential installations. From overhead ladder racks to the enclosed rear compartments to keep materials from the elements, our vehicles are the compact, solid solution for your business. 

MAX-EV Construction & Industrial: Navigate through soft, rough, and small construction and industrial sites with the MAX-EV. The narrow-bodied vehicle can be customized to haul unwanted debris and become a service bay on the go with specific applications and customization. Almost any equipment can be implemented in the adaptable unit, such as major equipment used to apply pesticides for vector control.

MAX-EV Food Service & Mobile Business: Our MAX-EV line is ideal for mobile businesses on the go. Westward Industries’ purpose-built vehicles are smaller and more mobile than a truck and trailer, with custom implementations to meet various market needs. The vehicle is very nimble and can easily enter outdoor markets or work indoor due to zero emissions.

MAX-EV Delivery & Cargo: The MAX-EV Delivery and Cargo line is comprised of two options. The MAX-EV 4, a street-legal LSV (low-speed vehicle) 4 wheeler designed with productivity in mind to support the micro-distribution and Last-mile delivery; The MAX-EV 3 wheeler, a small cargo van, allows for quicker delivery with a reduced payload. Expect speeds of up to 45mph, a total payload of 700lbs

MAX-EV 3: An ideal vehicle for parking management. Twin passenger with optional right hand. Compact, nimble, and built tough with a 2.5 steel rollbar chassis. Excellent stability with two wheels up front and one wheel in the back. This compact and nimble unit allows operators to navigate congested traffic quickly and efficiently. Many options such as heat, AC, ALPR, and backup sensors. Increase department efficiency with the right tool.

GO-4 Parking Enforcement: The GO-4 is specifically designed for the needs of parking management and enforcement. With center operator seating and easy curb access from both sides, safely navigate congested areas. Built with a super tough 2.5-inch steel roll bar chassis, available in EV or fuel. Increase your operator’s efficiency with the right tool.

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What is MAX-EV for Universities and Colleges?  The MAX-EV is an ideal long-lasting carry-all solution for campuses. Navigates easily through narrow paths, tight turns, indoor & outdoor locations. Low weight, ideal for all types of pavements. (link to brochure)    How does the MAX-EV LSV for Universities works?  Powered by long-lasting standard Lithium-ion battery packs (32


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