MAX-EV Success Stories – Health Care Industry


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We would like to share two recent orders we have received from the Health industry – and how our electric utility vehicles are a perfect match to them.

The first one is from Providence Health Care –  healthcare conglomerate serving Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

And the second is Swedish Medical Group – Seattle area hospitals and health care provider.

  • Both companies have chosen our MAX-EV (LSV car) for their security and safety personnel.
  • We have added amber lights on top of the unit for increased safety for the night shift
  • AC and heat are vital points to keep staff comfortable and avoid fatigue/distress during late hours. All MAX-EV units, including 6kwh models, can include a heater/AC system.
  • We can add almost any accessory they find necessary to get the job done
  • Users have found the vehicle comfortable and easy to get in and out – very common tasks for this type of use

Providence is already enjoying and taking advantage of their electric vehicle, and the Swedish unit is on our production line as we speak.

We are so proud to serve the health sector, as they have played a significant role in keeping us safe, especially for these past two years.

Download our MAX-EV brochure to learn more: MAX-EV Brochure 

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