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University and Campus electric utility vehicle

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What is MAX-EV for Universities and Colleges? 

The MAX-EV is an ideal long-lasting carry-all solution for campuses. Navigates easily through narrow paths, tight turns, indoor & outdoor locations. Low weight, ideal for all types of pavements. (link to brochure) 


How does the MAX-EV LSV for Universities works? 

Powered by long-lasting standard Lithium-ion battery packs (32 to 120 miles) 

Excellent for grounds and maintenance, parcel delivery, cleaning and laundry, athletics, facilities maintenance, campus dining, security, and more. (link to applications)  


What are the benefits of MAX-EV for campuses?  

  • Can be deployed to any task, indoor & outdoor, through narrow paths. 
  • Controlled speed to provide more safety for those walking and biking on college campuses 
  • Zero-emissions, improving the health of people in and around college campuses. 
  • Promotes a more sustainable ecosystem 
  • Narrow body and reduced 14ft. turning radius when compared to the typical 21-26ft radius of a pick-up truck 

Why choose MAX-EV over the competitors? 

  • American motor controller and European PMAC motor and differential 
  • Comfortable ride and optional Heat and AC from the factory 
  • Refrigeration and heating van box coming soon for concessions 

For more, visit our MAX-EV page.

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