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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revels over EV tech and the Innovative MAX-EV

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Where can you find Canada’s top leaders and a wide variety of the most innovative EV companies in the world all under one roof? Propulsion Quebec 2023’s Impulsion conference. A summit featuring the latest advancements in electric and smart transportation vehicle technology. The opening of Propulsion Québec’s electric transport international summit in Montreal was an exciting event, a good sign for the future of the electric vehicle industry. We witnessed an event that created excitement in people for the fascinating confluence of technology and sustainability.

Propulsion Impulsion 2023 for eletric vehicles

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A major highlight for Westward Vehicles was having the esteemed Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, stop by our exhibitor booth and visibly enjoy the design and style of our very own MAX-EV Low Speed Vehicle. His dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting green technology is truly commendable, which is what intrigued his interest in the MAX-EV.

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

While attending Propulsion Québec he said, “By making the strategic investments, by creating the parameters and conditions for this success, we were able to create something that is the envy of the world… ” Our Prime Minister is in agreement that EVs are one of many keys to obtaining a greener future for Canada’s commercial workforce in the coming years. One cannot help but appreciate the Canadian government’s proactive support for boosting the development of electric and smart transportation systems, as it signifies the paramount importance these vehicle engineers must place on delivering innovative and eco-friendly smart transportation solutions.

As an electric vehicle manufacturer, we have found that summits such as Propulsion Québec share the power of collaborative effort to partner in transforming industries, organizations, and society. We’re proud to report that the Canadian electric vehicle sector is thriving and is carving out a place for itself on the world’s stage.

Doing Our Part for Our Country

So, what are we doing to promote sustainability in a fossil fuel-controlled workforce? We make it our business to enhance our knowledge—from CEO to shop floor—to participate in the evolving domain of EVs and smart transportation by developing our vehicle designs to prove the highest level of green efficiency. With this proactive mentality, we are preparing to meet the test of the future’s energy challenges head-on, one innovation at a time.

Why is Propulsion Quebec important?

Propulsion Québec in Montreal brings many participants in the electric ecosystem together. The event sparked enthusiasm from all attendees, since even the government wants a piece of the pie—creating excitement for EVs. This support produces further innovation, enhances existing processes, tightens broad assessments and increases scarce resources to improve development expertise in all sectors of this technology. Because the heads of the Canadian government are actively interested and involved, CEOs, investors and other leaders even from the United States get the opportunity to see the smart transportation sector of Canada up close and personal. Government partnerships are essential to help all Canadian electric transportation enterprises, and Westward Vehicles continues to pioneer, innovate and set standards for others to follow as Canada’s sustainable mobility leader.

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