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GO-4 Parking-Specific Vehicles Now with LPR Friendly Dashboard

3 wheel electric utility vehicle

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Let your vehicle become your office!

Westward Industries is now the first manufacturer of parking-specific vehicles to offer custom
dashboard features turning your dash into a workstation. This fuel or electric utility vehicle developed specifically based on insight and
requests from users incorporating license-plate recognition technologies, these features are designed to
enhance the experience of parking enforcement officers.

The 3 wheel electric utility vehicle GO-4 vehicles are a perfect solution to parking enforcement operations for municipalities, colleges and universities, corporate campuses, and more. Offering a more sustainable
alternative to standard-sized vehicles, the GO-4 line-up includes both gas and electric-powered options,
creates a safe and efficient experience for drivers, and significantly increases parking enforcement

Westward vehicles now offer LPR-friendly upper dash workstation options for all GO-4 vehicles. These
custom dashboards provide parking enforcement officers more space to effectively perform their duties
and create a more comfortable and efficient workspace. These features facilitate the use of tablets,
laptops, or keyboards in the vehicle. Let your vehicle become your office.

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