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Have you seen our reviews?

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Customers tried and tested MAX-EV. Here is what they had to say about it. What is demo weekDemo-week is a chance to show our Long-range electric LSV up close and personal to customers. We meet them wherever they are and bring our unit along for them to experiment with.Vehicles have a long lifetime and represent a [...]

MAX-EV Success Stories – Health Care Industry

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We would like to share two recent orders we have received from the Health industry – and how our units are a perfect match to them.The first one is from Providence Health Care -  healthcare conglomerate serving Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.And the second is Swedish Medical Group - Seattle area hospitals and health care [...]

EV to ICE Cost Parity coming quick

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Federal fleet going green generates considerable environmental advantages and can also provide substantial cost savings for budgets

The Future of Last Mile Delivery

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Delivery vehicles — typically vans and smaller trucks — are much easier to transition to electric than heavy trucks, for example. The duty cycle works well with electric: a short length of operation, the ability to return to a central base, and frequent stops and starts that work well with regenerative braking.

Introducing our new MAX-EV Brochure

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Looking to save your company big on Corporate wellness? No cost, no risk, totally free evaluation. Every employees gets the doctor the want anda our corporate wellness program focuses on those who are most at risk. Our assessment will measure the risk of each employee and we help to reduce big cost claims and improve the health of those most at risk.

Westward Industries commitment to #energytransition

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The energy transition movement is no longer an ideology but now a true objective for companies, including Westward Industries.Our most significant purpose is to design and manufacture electric utility vehicles aligned with market needs and solve a real problem for our customers creating an immediate benefit for customers and the environment. That means listening to municipalities [...]

Welcoming 2021 and All the hype about Electric Vehicles

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Welcoming 2021 and All the hype about Electric VehiclesForbes reports that the moment of the electric vehicle has arrived!Just yesterday on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden called for sweeping changes to bolster the US auto industry, ushering in EVs and transform transportation.Multiple reports from multiple sources are indicating many new electric vehicles are to hit [...]