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FAQ for our MAX-EV – small electric truck

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The MAX-EV does what compact electric utility pickup trucks need to do. You have got some questions, and we have the answers! How does the Compact Electric Utility Pickup truck perform? Small in size but big in performance! The MAX-EV is not like your typical local upgraded golf cart. The MAX-EV has a robust 2.5-inch steel [...]

MAX-EV at Facilities Expo, October 27 and 28

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Westward Industries’ MAX-EV for Maintenance and Landscape is a LSV ( low speed electric vehicle) to optimize work and easily transport supplies and equipment. The MAX-EV is entirely customizable and made to order.

Does EV save money?

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One of the most obvious benefits of driving an EV is the amount of money you can save on fuel. Even more obvious now, considering the latest price spikes, especially in California. According to a CNBC article, Americans are now paying the most at the pump in seven years, the highest since at least October 2014.

MAX-EV at the Landscape Expo – Long Beach

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We are putting our amazing MAX-EV on display at The Landscape Expo – Long Beach, along with our local Dealer (CA and northern NV) Municipal Maintenance Equipment. The Low-Speed Electric Vehicle we are displaying is a fantastic tool for Maintenance and Landscape. Highlights include: Versatile carry-all electric LSV car Industrial grade build Optional ladder rack with up to 1500lb payload Reliable lithium-ion battery Custom fit-to-task production with a variety of accessories Optional tilting deck

Westward Industries and Trius attend Sustainable Princeton Electric EVening

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On October 1st, Westward Industries, along with local NY, NJ and PA dealer, Trius, showcased the MAX-EV (LSV electric ) at the 2nd Princeton’s Electric Evening at Princeton Shopping Center. Attendants could test drive the latest models of electric vehicles and learn about charging and owning an EV.

MAX-EV Success Stories – Health Care Industry

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We would like to share two recent orders we have received from the Health industry – and how our electric utility vehicles are a perfect match to them. The first one is from Providence Health Care -  healthcare conglomerate serving Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. And the second is Swedish Medical Group - Seattle area [...]

Introducing our new MAX-EV Brochure

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Welcoming 2021 and All the hype about Electric Vehicles

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Welcoming 2021 and All the hype about Electric VehiclesForbes reports that the moment of the electric vehicle has arrived!Just yesterday on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden called for sweeping changes to bolster the US auto industry, ushering in EVs and transform transportation.Multiple reports from multiple sources are indicating many new electric vehicles are to hit [...]