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Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment


Our flat bed utility vehicle has been out fitted for various industrial applications. In addition to street line painting illustrated above, we have developed other applications with customers. A few such applications are landscape watering and insect repelling. For the former, large water canisters are secured for water disbursement of plants and flowers. The latter has integrated equipment which bolts over the rear bed, or a simpler process are pellets thrown from the operator into adjacent drainage trenches while driving.
Fuel economy is upwards of 45 MPG with the gas version, leaving large savings for agencies driving many miles on a given day. The slim design of our utility vehicle takes up much less space than traditional vehicles.
What application works for you? Call us with your ideas and we will see if we can fit our utility vehicle for your application.


                                                                                                        *We are working on offering a new GO-4 dumpster model for 2015