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Why use a conventional vehicle when you can go Task Specific.

Designed for repetitive entry, operator safety, reduced traffic interruption, built in North America

Client Testimonials

As one of Westwards key dealers, representing California since the early 1990′s, we have overall noticed a significant increase in tech support and efficient parts supply since the Franz brothers took over in 2012. The vehicles have improved in quality and dependability. Overall warranty claims have decreased and customers appear to be satisfied with the product as they continue to submit repeat orders.

James Wheeler -President, Municipal Maintenance Equipment

We have used the GO-4 in the City of St Petersburg in the past and recently returned to them.  We found that the new GO-4 vehicle is much improved from the previous years. The company has been very responsive to our needs and we highly endorse their new model.  We will continue to use them and have budgeted for additional units.

Keith Glasgow -Parking Management Coordinator , Transportation and Parking Management, City of St Petersburg

The GO-4 is the perfect vehicle for our on-street parking enforcement. The efficient design allows our patrollers to quickly move through downtown Fargo without interfering in normal traffic flow and the improved suspension system allows the vehicle to travel more safely in our northern climate. The GO-4 Interceptor is an essential tool of our parking management program.

Andrew Renfrew -Fargo Operations Manager, Interstate Parking Company, Fargo, ND
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