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The energy transition movement is no longer an ideology but now a true objective for companies, including Westward Industries.

Our most significant purpose is to design and manufacture electric utility vehicles aligned with market needs and solve a real problem for our customers creating an immediate benefit for customers and the environment. That means listening to municipalities needs, paying attention to government incentives, and caring for our environment. Better yet, if our solutions bring smarter long-term investments and savings on fuel.

We’ve been producing our electric units since 2014, and more than 100 have been sold already to municipalities, Universities and Colleges, Golf Courses, Arenas, etc. Combining all our customers, that means on average:

  • Over 1,500,000 miles ran on green energy per year 
  • 97,850 saved gallons of fuel per year
  • $196,050.00 saved on fuel per year
  • 920 metric tons of CO2 not being expelled into our environment per year – besides the avoided methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions

Breaking it down

Westward Industries

Battery quality matters

Just as important as what the market needs is also the components we use in our vehicles.

  • Our electric vehicles are built with an electric drivetrain – with a permanent magnetic high efficiency advanced motor. The unit relies on a standard long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery (from 6KW to 20KW). 
  • This whole package guarantees a maximum range per KW with a much lighter weight than Lead Acid. 
  • Our batteries have easy and flexible charging at any battery level, “opportunity charging”
  • The onboard BMS balances battery life after each charge
  • Up to 2000 charge cycles on one battery

There’s no doubt that the electrification movement is happening right now and is here to stay. And Westward Industries is here to help make your path toward sustainable energy transition a smooth one.

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