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ALPR: what is it for

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Managing parking at a hospital, university, or commercial campus is not easy. ALPR simplifies parking enforcement and improves overall operations for management and customers. This technology enables facilities to maximize resources and cut costs.

An ALPR can do more than just parking management. As the crowds flock back outside with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and an anticipated back to normal/typical summer in the US, there’s an expected high demand for ALPR-enabled vehicles. This technology assists with license plate readings for parking purposes, securing large public venues such as sporting events, conventions, concerts, managing airport parking spots and parks.

Westward Industries‘ production line can install ALPR equipment from almost every major supplier directly at the factory into our GO-4s.  This offers time savings versus a traditional retrofit. The vehicle arrives to you, ready for final integration. Our friendly workstation, where you can mount a computer, tablet, handhelds, clipboards, keyboard, etc., is also a unique feature. To get the full scope, watch our video where Chris Franz, an owner of Westward Industries, tells you exactly why the GO-4 with factory direct ALPR is the right tool for the job.

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