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Westward Industries has been revolutionizing the electric utility vehicle market since 2012. 


In addition to a differentiated, more functional, and robust design, its vehicles bring together a series of innovations such as standard lithium-ion batteries with a range of up to 120 miles (192kms), reinforced rollbar chassis, a safer and more efficient driveline including strong braking, as well as cabins with a series of comfort items. 


An excellent example of this is its latest release, the MAX-EV – a four-wheel, two-seat, 100% electric vehicle that offers: 


• Comfortable interior: adjustable seats, AC, heat, Bluetooth radio, cup holders, wide display with built-in reversing camera and other accessories. 

• High-end robust chassis: an automotive-grade braking system, power steering, and upgraded suspension. 

• Lithium-Ion batteries: support more than 2,000 recharge cycles, on-board management system for longer battery life, provide excellent acceleration. 

• Configuration: ladder rack, van body, nerf bars, toolbox and much more depending on your needs. 


From now on, Canadian industries that want a nimble, safe, and robust utility vehicle can celebrate. After thoroughly and extensively testing MAX-EV’s safety features, SAAQ – Société de L’assurance Automobile du Québec – has approved the MAX-EV for driving on public roads with speed limits between 32 km/h and 40 km/h, as all LSVs. 


This means that more companies will have access to an economical, quality vehicle 

In addition, as part of the Écocamionnage Program or the Transportez Vert Program, the Max-EV also has grants available from $12,500 to $5,000 according to eligibility from the government. 


Want to know more about the MAX-EV? Visit our MAX-EV page and discover all the details on this mighty vehicle. 

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