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  • Parking Enforcement

    San Francisco, CA
    With nearly 40,000 parking spaces to monitor, San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) needed a vehicle that could withstand the high usage and short distance wear and tear impact that would typically limit their fleet’s lifespan.

    Parking Enforcement

    Santa Monica, CA
    The population influxes drastically during the winter months, increasing parking management needs. Aspen needed a parking enforcement vehicle that delivered superior maneuverability to help decrease congestion.

    Parking Enforcement

    Aspen, CO
    In recent years, the GO-4 electric vehicle was tested in Santa Monica and passed all requirements for range and usage. Soon after, a total of 30 units were ordered and deployed.


    Westward Industries
    Across America; Municipalities, Police & Parking Departments, Waste & Sanitation, Universities are proud users.

Westward Industries Offering PEOs Safe, Personal Workspaces with Parking Enforcement Vehicles


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Westward Industries, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of parking-specific vehicles continues to develop solutions to create more safe and efficient workspaces for parking enforcement officers. Westward is working with numerous clients including municipalities, universities, private operators, and more to support PEOs returning to work following the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Westward’s series of parking-specific, electric utility vehicles and street legal utility vehicles offer numerous benefits that will help parking staff not only feel more comfortable performing their duties during this “new normal”, but safer overall. These include:

  • “Personal” workspaces offering safe distances from fellow PEOs and the public
  • Factory-direct LPR integration, no need to have extra installers involved
  • Custom LPR dashboard turning the vehicle dash into a comfortable workstation
  • Narrow width to reduce traffic conflicts and interruptions
  • Dual sliding doors for safe and efficient entry/exit, always able to exit on safe side
  • New safety glass wrap and inside door lock options
  • Fittings for sanitizers or mask dispensers can be pre-installed at the factory

The integration of these features into the already personalized experience of a parking enforcement vehicles will allow PEOs to resume their enforcement duties in a safe and efficient manner. The vehicles include the GO-4, GO-4 EV, and the new MAX EV, and can come customized to each organizations individual needs.

As communities and campuses nationwide continue to reopen, Westward will continue to work with organizations throughout the parking industry to identify opportunities to create the most efficient and safe experience possible.

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