Meet MAX 3. New on road 3 wheel EV

Meet MAX 3. New on road 3 wheel EV

Model illustrated has additional options. MSRP does not include taxes, transport & local applicable fees.

What is the MAX-3-EV?

Our new MAX 3 EV is tailor designed to meet the needs of parking enforcement agents or any on road light transport.At only 56 inches wide the MAX-3 allows operators to stay near the curb as they place citations or run factory direct LPR technology.Two wheels up front allow for greater high speed stability. A 12.5 foot turning radius is lesser than the GO-4 yet much more agile than a standard vehicle.

Benefits of our Standard Lithium Ion vs industry’s standard Lead Acid or AGM:

Max-EV-3 – Model Information

MAX-3-8 MAX-3-15 MAX-3-20
Application Parking
Rollbar Chassis Platform 3 Wheel 3 Wheel 3 Wheel
Cargo Style Limited Cargo Load
Seating 2 2 2
Drivetrain 48V 72V 72/96V
Pack Size Kllowatt 8 15 20
Estimated Range* 35-40 65-75 100
On Road Max Speed MPH 35 45 45
Standard Heat 0 0 0
AC (MAX TBA Date) 0 0 0
Cab Wrapper Standard 0 0 0
Sliding Door Design - - -
Hinged Doors 0 0 0
EST Turn Radius in Feet 12.5 12.5 12.5
Flat Deck Option Y Y Y
Total Payload (Optional Upgrade) 650 (150 Cargo)
EST.Municipal Lease - - -
Potential Monthly Lost Parking Revenues Per WWI Study -$3,250 -$3,250 -$3,250
Best For Parking enforcement or transport. Twin passenger.
2 wheels up front for improved speed stability,
larger turning radius than GO-4, Optional hinged
doors and limited cargo capacity.
Classification Motorcycle or Autocycle
*Range is an estimate and is quoted without use of accessory draw such as heat & AC.