MAX 3 EV 2020-08-04T15:53:23-05:00

Model illustrated has additional options. MSRP does not include taxes, transport & local applicable fees.

What is an LSV?

Our new MAX 3 EV is tailor designed to meet the needs of parking enforcement agents or any on road light transport.At only 56 inches wide the MAX-3 allows operators to stay near the curb as they place citations or run factory direct LPR technology.Two wheels up front allow for greater high speed stability. A 12.5 foot turning radius is lesser than the GO-4 yet much more agile than a standard vehicle.

Benefits of our Standard Lithium Ion vs industry’s standard Lead Acid or AGM:

  • Maximum Range per KW – nearly twice the battery energy is used
  • Long lasting, 2-3 times longer battery Life
  • Much lighter weight than Lead Acid
  • Great Acceleration
  • Easy and flexible charging
  • Chargeable at any battery level (no loss)
  • On board BMS balances battery life after each charge
  • High functioning in cold weather
  • No regular maintenance required!