Introducing our new MAX-EV Brochure


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Westward Industries’ MAX-EV now has a new brochure.

The material features the product’s advantages in an easy-to-follow layout. In addition, it was designed to answer some of the most common questions raised by our customers during the decision process.

  1. Explore applications ideas our Low speed vehicle: Maintenance, Landscape, Fleet Yards, Refuse or Brush Hauling, Parking Enforcement and more.
  2. Compare fuel investments: A full MAX-EV charge typically costs between $1 to $3!
  3. Understand this LSV car features: 4-wheel independent, automotive suspension, 4-wheel hydraulic automotive-grade disc brakes, heat, AC, toolbox and even right-hand drive.
  4. Battery and charging facts: Long-lasting, four times longer battery life.

For more info, download yours here: MAX-EV Brochure

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University and Campus electric utility vehicle

What is MAX-EV for Universities and Colleges?  The MAX-EV is an ideal long-lasting carry-all solution for campuses. Navigates easily through narrow paths, tight turns, indoor & outdoor locations. Low weight, ideal for all types of pavements. (link to brochure)    How does the MAX-EV LSV for Universities works?  Powered by long-lasting standard Lithium-ion battery packs (32


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