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Best Line Equipment
Best Line Equipment Best Line Equipment


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Vehicle Overview

  • Dealer: Best Line Equipment
  • Model Year: 2017
  • Location: Allentown PA
  • Mileage: 41
  • Condition: Like New

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Optional Equipment Part # Optioned
Flat Bed Option
Van Body Option
Comfort and Convenience Part # Optioned
Air Conditioning 200-2000P Yes
LED Headlights 7-944-001P
Sliding Rear Window 1-86-304P Yes
Padded Arm Rest (With Storage Box) 6-830-102P Yes
Extra Set of Keys 1-96-024P Yes
Grab Handles (2) 1-96-035P
Radio W/CD, Speakers and Bluetooth 1-96-039P
3000W Dual Heater 910020-3000WP
Supplemental Fuel Heater (In Lieu of Electric) TBD
Knoedler Premium Air Ride Seat 6-881-002P Yes
Knoedler Premium Air Ride Seat/Heated 6-881-002HSP
Air Ride/Heating/Vented Cooling 6-881-002HSCP
Full Length Angled Rear View Mirror 6-880-010P
Electrical Part # Optioned
Back Up Alarm 1-96-003P
Hella LED Amber Roof light Installed 7-944-003P Yes
J 1772 – 2 in 1 Portable Charging Power Cord 120V/220V 7-965-003P
EV Diagnostic Tool Kit 7-990-003P
Miscellaneous Part # Optioned
Spare Tire & Jack Kit 6-020-004P Yes
Nerf Bar (Front Bumper) 1-86-114-01 Yes
Nerf Bar (Rear Bumper) 6-86-130-01 Yes
EV Service Manual 7-010-001 Yes