To create functional, well built, innovative, specialized utility vehicles. With an increasing focus on sustainable electric platforms and integrated technologies.

We are a family business with focus on product innovation and quality production.
With an entrepreneurial spirit as well as deep-rooted mechanical knowledge, our father started working on cars back in the late 50s in Northern Italy. He then moved to Canada in the mid-60s and remained a top automotive technician for the rest of his career.

The Franz brothers, with a mix of engineering and business acumen, and a fantastic staff bring forward that same hard work ethic and innovative spirt. We work diligently to strengthen the GO-4 brand which has been around for well over 20 year, most notably known as a purpose-built parking enforcement vehicle for cities across the U.S. We have launched innovative and sustainable electric platforms while adopting some of today’s technologies such as License Plate Readers allowing for improved Curb Management.

In 2020 our vehicle portfolio has increased including the GO-4 XTR, the most nimble trash hauler in the market. Our new MAX-EV low speed four wheel vehicle, standard with industry leading Lithium Ion batteries and a highly efficient drivetrain. With a long list of accessories such as van body’s, ladder racks and more, the MAX-EV has broad consumer applications. Our new MAX-EV 3 wheel model is a utility 3 wheeler that allows speed and great stability. Constant Improvement, consumer support, and clear communications at all levels are some of our core principles.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information needed.

Chris Franz – Vice President                    Stefano Franz – President                    Fab Franz – Treasurer