70 Years of an American Icon

//70 Years of an American Icon

70 Years of an American Icon

Is the right term, or better said, the well-known term for our product truly… the GO-4?

Iconic names have long driven the marketing marquis. Names like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Lego are all part of the fabric of our North American existence.

So what happens when a company creates a product that has a name but for some reason takes on a life of its own? When the persons that call this product their office day in and day out decide that they will dictate what the product will be known as? Well, do you fight it? No, we believe you embrace it! After all they, the customers, are the ones that will and should dictate a name.

This has happened many times in the American culture but perhaps none so drastic and wide range of that of our beloved Parking Enforcement Vehicle! Created in and around 1950, these 3 wheel vehicles were designed to increase the mobility, safety, and efficiency of the operators tasked with managing our nations curbs.

We at westward Industries relish in our current role regarding this iconic vehicle. We are proud to be following and walking alongside the innovators of these fine machines: As such we thought it  fitting that as we move into the 70 year anniversary of this American Icon, we pay homage to all of the fascinating names that have been bestowed upon and all of the great Men and Women for whom have called it their “office”.  From its inception as a tool for the job to it’s now underground fringe vehicle status, this three-wheeled powerhouse will be around for 100 more years because it is…… the Right Tool for the Job! So raise a glass this New Years and say Cheers to the Scooter, Buggy, Three-Wheeler, Cushman, Patrol Truckster, Mailster, Meter Maid, Ticket Master, Interceptor, Firefly, Gopher, GO-4 and thank a person past or present that helped to keep our communities vibrant, safe, affordable, and efficient. Cheers ~ From The Proud Men and Women of Westward Industries.

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