Westward Industries Releases NEW Twin Passenger 4-Wheel LSV – MAX-EV

//Westward Industries Releases NEW Twin Passenger 4-Wheel LSV – MAX-EV

Westward Industries Releases NEW Twin Passenger 4-Wheel LSV – MAX-EV

Westward Industries is excited to announce the release of its new on-road, four-wheel, LSV MAX-EVelectric LSV MAX-EV.  Ideal for parking enforcement or utility and landscape, the MAX-EV provides up to 2,000 charge cycles with its standard lithium ion pack.

“The LSV MAX-EV is a game changer” according to Westward Industries VP, Chris Franz. “MAX-EV was created as a more budget-friendly, versatile, twin passenger vehicle.  The 3-wheel GO-4 will still serve our customers demanding a strictly parking enforcement vehicle with greater range and agility, however for those customers seeking a vehicle that has multiple applications, and can still help with parking enforcement, MAX-EV will be a great option.”

Just like the rest of the vehicles in the GO-4 series, Westward Industries can equip the MAX-EV with numerous options specific to client needs including license plate recognition technology, heat, AC, adjustable seats, Bluetooth radio, and more.LSV MAX-EV

The MAX-EV is a valuable and efficient solution to any municipal or campus fleet, offering a 1000 lb payload, minimal battery degradation, low maintenance, and an onboard battery management system. The MAX-EV offers room for two passengers, right-hand or left-hand driving, and a 4 foot by 5 foot aluminum deck.

Download the GO-4 MAX-EV brochure and contact our dealers for more details. To see the GO-4 MAX-EV in action, check out this video.

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  1. Richard Luevano November 7, 2019 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Hello! : )

    My name is Richard or you can call me Richie. I have always been a fan of your vehicles since seeing them as a child in Los Angeles on Family Vacations from Arizona. Now since you now I’m i. Arizona, I’m sure you know how rare your cars are to witness around here. And if I do see one it’s always ran down and used for something dirty or unpleasant to the Eyes! I really want to own one but most of all I would love to see the day when here in Arizona( because everyone is very eco friendly and we all try by buying electric cars) where people are in the know about your awesome cars and now with the new 2 Seater(! DEFINITELY A GAME CHANGER!) I believe with a little marketing and the showing off of a little “Street team” of the New MAXX and some Originals -“ Serverz” as I call them- set up with some Ideas I have like Example one convertedto a mini bar maybe slap a keg on one at Tailgates ( people here love to hang out and when something as awesome as your vehicles pops up at these congregation spots. That I just do happen to know where I bet we would make a killing with the MAXX and Serverz showing them off I bet you would see a great approval and increase in sales and popularity..
    I hope you will allow me to pitch to you what I believe will help really SET IT OFF here I. The states not just AZ but since I’m in Az and I have great connections in LA and Chicago through family and friends because we all like to be popular and creative and be seen at every and all chances and opportunities we get to show out and I want to show out with the “MAXX and my Homies” .. call me at 480-274-5249 to hear it in detail about what spots events and how to deck out the MAXX …

    Thank You for your Time and sorry for the long writing..

    Richard Luevano

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