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Westward Industries and Trius attend Sustainable Princeton Electric EVening

Electric Vehicles

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On October 1st, Westward Industries, along with local NY, NJ and PA dealer, Trius, showcased the MAX-EV (LSV electric ) at the 2nd Princeton’s Electric Evening at Princeton Shopping Center.

Attendants could test drive the latest models of electric vehicles and learn about charging and owning an EV.

Our MAX-EV is a Low-Speed electric vehicle. It can be used for Landscaping, Insect Control, General Maintenance, Farm and Agricultural settings, Beverage Carts, Refuse Hauling, Transportation on private grounds such as Stadiums, Arenas, Parks & Recreation – moving around people, equipment, or soil.

Westward Industries’ MAX-EV is built on a durable powder-coated tubular chassis, powered with #Lithium-Ion Technology and permanent magnetic motors. This industrial electric cart also has a five-foot flat deck with clamping walls and a ladder rack. See more details on our MAX-EV page

Our electric utility vehicle has a standard 1000 lb #payload capacity with an optional 1500lb upgrade. In addition to zero emissions, the MAX-EV line is incredibly cost-efficient per mile. The units are powered by a reliable Lithium-ion battery and an intelligent electric system that balances battery life after each charge.

The MAX-EV becomes a small delivery van for the last mile delivery industry with an added van body. The low-speed vehicle becomes ideal for mobile businesses on the go. Learn all about it on our Delivery & Cargo page.

Westward Industries’ purpose-built vehicles are smaller and more mobile than a truck and trailer, with custom implementations to meet various needs. The vehicle is very nimble and can quickly enter outdoor markets or work indoor due to zero emissions. Minimal maintenance is needed, as “downtime” can impose a challenge for business on wheels. Visit our Electric Vehicles Page to learn more.

If you are looking for electric utility vehicles for sale in the #NY, #NJ and #PA areas, contact our local dealer Trius.

If you are somewhere else, just let us know. We have a comprehensive dealer network in the US and Canada and can help you find the one nearest to you.

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Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles

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