Werres Corp and ComSonics – Our Technical Partners “On Tour”

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Rick Sanford of Werres Corp and Mike Nesselrodt of ComSonics seen here heading out with a GO4EV and GO4 gas equipped with LPR (License Plate Recognition) in tow. The team collaborated on many demonstrations thru-out the week and because of this received many RFQ’s!

Genetec, the manufacturer of the LPR system is a technical partner of us here at Westward Industries. Genetec has worked closely with us ensuring that their systems work seamlessly with both our gas and electric models. Since we are technical partners, our respective dealers can provide turn key package solutions for our customers. We both have representation across the country and can typically provide demonstration in conjunction with one another. (As is the case here with Werres and ComSonics). Another very positive aspect of this technical partnership is that the end customer can receive a quote for the vehicle equipped with the LPR as an option. As long as you are set up for it there is no need to source separate allocation of funds for equipment and vehicles – it’s a package deal.


Mike at ComSonics is very impressed with the way that his LPR works on our GO4. Here are his comments:

In the process of selling and implementing Genetec License Plate Recognition systems in cities, campuses and businesses. I have found many times that parking lots and decks are tight and space is limited. I find the GO-4 a great vehicle for these situations gaining the most from the LPR system with the added mobility. The tight turning radius is a huge plus for navigating these busy surroundings. Having the ability to exit and enter from either side of the vehicle is a great benefit for safety when enforcing. I see the GO-4 being the right fit for areas where space is at a premium versus a considerably larger vehicle.

Mike Nesselrodt, Accounts Representative, ComSonics Inc. Public Safety Harrisonburg, VA, Feb 2017


Quite simply we are the right tool for the job! We and our respective dealers would love the opportunity to prove it to you. Give us a call.

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