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University and Campus Electric Utility Vehicle

Narrow-body and Long-lasting Lithium-ion battery

The MAX-EV is an ideal long-lasting carry-all solution for campuses. Many accessories are available to get any task done, such as; a van body, ladder rack, power tilt deck, power winch, and more. Navigates easily through narrow paths, tight turns, and indoor & outdoor locations. Low weight, ideal for all types of pavements.

MAX-EV for Universities and Colleges is the solution to reach sustainability goals and transition the facilities to a cleaner alternative. This versatile LSV car needs little maintenance, recharges in 4-6 hours, and rides smoothly and quietly. The vehicle is an asset to Universities looking to save on fuel costs and optimize staff work. The MAX-EV is built tough with a 2.5 in steel tubular powder-coated chassis, automotive-grade components, and built-in North America.

Benefits of our Electric Utility Vehicle

Why are Universities choosing MAX-EV?

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