Things to see from Westward in 2015…

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It’s hard to believe but nearly three years have passed since since new ownership has revitalized the GO-4 utility vehicle.  So many things have been accomplished since February 2012. To simply list a few:

The incorporation of an all new aluminum engine and electronic automatic transmission.  Our new drivetrain offers increased power and fuel efficiencies, as well as long lasting dependability.

A long list of vehicle improvements such as; a new one piece roof cap, improvements to the chassis fit and finish, automotive style windshield installation, a precision fit and light weight engine frame, all LED lighting (optional headlights), new front suspension redesign, new rear suspension redesign, slimmer profile tires, all these changes allow for improved handling and stability.

The parts supply chain has been completely re worked, decreasing delivery timelines.

A brand new ALL electric GO-4 EV.

In 2015 we are exciting to deliver further improvements to the GO-4 such as;

Tilt steering, parts ordering online, new optional premium adjustable seats, new storage box with LED lighting and cup holders.

2016 will see further improvements. We are fully committed to the long serving GO-4 brand, an  excellent street legal utility vehicle.

For any further information on our vehicle, do not hesitate to call 204-594-4100 and ask for sales, or email

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