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What a wonderful week spent with many great municipalities in lovely California!

With the growing enthusiasm in implementing and re-implementing the GO4/GO4EV into fleets, many Southern California agencies requested an extensive demonstration, and therefore set-up a test rack where the GO4 could be assessed. We are very pleased to say that our vehicle passed all parameters set for by municipalities, such as; acceleration, braking, cornering, and parallel parking. Operators adapted very quickly to our Electric platform as it is based on our gas platform. It is overall a breeze to convert over to our EV if that is your prerogative.

Thank you to everyone involved and for all the time dedicated to setting up training tracks. Our vehicle is the preferred choice and we will continue to work with agencies in order to improve and adapt its features. We are dedicated to keeping that status, “preferred vehicle of choice”.  

If you are an agency that would like a demonstration of our GO4 or GO4EV please locate your local dealer via our dealer tab at top or simply fill out the contact us information. We look forward to working together.

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