Mining industry and MAX-EV (low-speed electric vehicle)

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Westward Industries (low speed electric vehicle manufacturer) and Carolina Industrial Equipment, welcomes Livent to the MAX-EV world.

Livent is a lithium, lithium compounds and lithium technology provider for sectors like Energy Storage, Battery Systems, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals (and much more). 

You can see more about them here.

Livent has ordered three industrial electric carts – the MAX-EV – for their facility maintenance staff. The electric utility vehicle will be used for plant repairs in their 900-acre location in NC, the only one in the US to produce Lithium. 

The MAX-EV for maintenance is a hassle-free zero-emission material and equipment transportation unit. Industries can optimize work and easily transport supplies and equipment. The electric utility truck is entirely customizable and made to order. Ideal for functional checks, repairing, replacing, and supporting utilities in business and residential installations.

Livent’s LSV car will be receiving additional toolboxes, ladder racks, and tow hitches for their specific needs, like occasionally pulling a welder. 

The distributor – Carolina Industrial Equipment – states: Livent’s decision to go with MAX-EV was based on the heavy-duty build, excellent cab room, access for servicing, Lithium battery-powered and performance.

The game-changer was the demo drive, where they could test the vehicle on-site and ascertain that the MAX-EV delivered what it promised. MAX-EV is built on a long-lasting powder-coated tubular chassis, powered with Lithium-Ion Technology and permanent magnetic motors – ideal for rough tasks.

All Westward Industries vehicles are manufactured with standard long lasting Lithium Ion Batteries, 6KW to 20KW. Lithium-Ion batteries are superior to any industry’s standard Lead Acid or AGM.

Benefits include:

  • Long lasting, 2-3 times longer battery Life
  • Much lighter weight than Lead Acid
  • Great Acceleration
  • Easy and flexible charging
  • Chargeable at any battery level (no loss)
  • On board BMS balances battery life after each charge
  • High functioning in cold weather
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Maximum Range per KW – nearly twice the battery energy is used
  • Optional van body – turns the LSV into a small cargo van

Do you also want to test the MAX-EV? Let us know!

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