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Customers tried and tested MAX-EV. Here is what they had to say about it.

What is demo week

Demo-week is a chance to show our Long-range electric LSV up close and personal to customers. We meet them wherever they are and bring our low speed vehicle along for them to experiment with.

Vehicles have a long lifetime and represent a significant investment for fleets. That is why it is vital for users, supervisors, and decision-makers to ensure our products fit the task. Before committing to it, items to observe during a demo drive are comfort, inside space, reliability, and toughness.

Who tested it
Along with our local dealers (we have over 80 locations throughout the US and Canada), we visited companies looking for Parking specific vehicles (meter-maid car), Maintenance, Grounds and landscaping vehicles, Small delivery vans, Foodservice and mobile business units.

Industries include Education (Universities, Colleges and School Divisions), Municipalities (PDs, Utility, Parks and Rec and Public Works), Health (Hospitals and Health Care providers), Transportation (Cargo and Delivery) and Hospitality (Resorts, Hotels, Venues, Stadiums, etc.).

How it was tested

The demo drive usually takes place on our customer’s grounds in real-life situations. That usually includes high heat or extreme cold, hills, irregular grounds, narrow pathways, heavy payload, indoor or rainy weather outside.


Here are some comments we have received during the DEMO WEEKS in Florida, California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

-Above all expectations, drives like a more robust electric utility vehicle than any other.
-Automotive design and build versus a typical utility vehicle. Resembles a small electric utility truck, not a typical cart.
-Standard Lithium-ion at an attractive price.
-Best ride in its class with independent suspension and automotive disc brakes.
-The rugged build with 2.5-inch steel tubular chassis with attractive exterior design. 
-The Range options of 30 – 120 miles allow a fit for every customer. 
-Comfortable, modern and well-finished cab with 7-inch display and a smartphone charging station

What happens after the demo drive.

Usually, the customer requests a follow-up call with a quotation, which the local dealer does. We also offer the opportunity to bring it back again for the whole team to review it and to make sure everyone is on board and comfortable with the MAX-EV. All demo drives are insured, cost-free for the customer and no strings attached.

Have you seem our Testimonial page? Follow the link for more:  Testimonials

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If you also would like to test our vehicles, let us know!

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