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What is the GO-4?

The GO-4 is specifically designed for the needs of parking management and enforcement. With center operator seating and easy curb access from both sides, safely navigate congested areas. Built with a super tough 2.5-inch steel roll bar chassis, available in EV or fuel. Increase your operator’s efficiency with the right tool.

NEW MAX-EV 3 – Twin passenger PSV


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What is the MAX-EV 3?

The new MAX-EV 3 enters production in 2021. An ideal vehicle for parking management. Twin passenger with optional right hand. Compact, nimble, and built tough with a 2.5 steel rollbar chassis. Excellent stability with two wheels up front and one wheel in the back. This compact and nimble unit allows operators to quickly and efficiently navigate congested traffic. Many options such as heat, AC, ALPR, and backup sensors. Increase department efficiency with the right tool.

Efficiency Comparison Study

For this study, we assumed the physical time aspect of traversing 10 city blocks and enforcing 5 citations. Comparisons and fact-checking were done when comparing Walking speeds vs conventional vehicle vs parking specific speeds:

  • NY City Block : 900 feet long, 10 blocks is 1.7 miles
  • Average Walking Speed : 2.5mph
  • Average Vehicle Speed : 20mph (with LPR)
  • Conventional vehicle needs time for walk-back
(Avg. speed:2.5 mph)
Conventional Vehicle
(Avg. speed:20 mph)
Parking Specific Vehicle
(Avg. speed:20 mph)
Travel Time 41 mins 5 mins 5 mins
Citation Time
(5 Citations)
25 mins 25 mins 25 mins
Parking/walking to vehicle
(5 citations)
0 mins 15 mins (3 mins total per walk back assuming 1/3 block) 0 mins
Traffic Lights 6 mins 6 mins 6 mins
TOTAL TIME 72 mins 51 mins 36 mins

PSV’s- Parking Specific Vehicles –
Compact, Nimble, and built for the job

GO4 Parking Enforcement 2019
  • Reduce traffic interruption while performing tasks.

  • The GO-4

    allows your department to be part of the solution versus contributing to the problem.

  • At only 54 inches wide with a super tough rollbar chassis. PEO’s can safely perform their duties with ease. Our vehicle is very unique looking and creates a distinct look for your department. Citizens easily identify PEO’s which creates a more friendly cooperative approach.

GO4 Parking Enforcement 2019

A Solution For Our Customers

Across America; Municipalities, Police & Parking Departments, Waste & Sanitation, Universities are proud users.

“The Go4 quite simply is the most suitable parking enforcement vehicle operating today. The vehicle is the most maneuverable parking enforcement vehicle and affords the enforcement officer a high degree of safety and comfort. We have tested other vehicles, but continue to return to the Go4 as it provides the greatest overall return on investment.”

Mark Lyons CAPP
Co-Chair International Parking Institute, Parking Division General Manager – City of Sarasota

GO4 Parking and Enforcement Vehicles

GO4 Parking and Enforcement Vehicles

“The City of Chattanooga is very satisfied with the GO-4 quality. Our fleet has several green vehicles,  and the Westward Industries model stands out when it comes to battery life and overall quality built. After two years running the vehicle 5 or 6 days a week and hitting the 10,000-mile milestone, it is still a reliable unit night and day. During the whole process, the dealership was very accommodating and provided guidance and quality customer service whenever needed.”

Brent Matthews, CAPP 

Director of Parking – Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Our Department has been utilizing the GO-4 vehicles for approximately 20 years and have found them to be a true benefit to our parking enforcement program. The GO-4’s are efficient, are inexpensive to maintain, and stand-out as recognizable vehicles used for parking enforcement. Due to some of our more narrow streets, they also excel in maneuverability and are great for tight turnarounds. The GO-4’s are easy to drive and our newest 2020 model has modern amenities like an LCD control screen, LED lighting, and a new brighter traffic bar. In addition to the GO-4 itself, working with Westward and ordering our GO-4 was simple and they stand by their products and provide excellent customer service.  Sgt. J. Kurland – Patrol Sergeant, City of Albany, CA”

Sergeant Justin Kurland #5

Patrol Sergeant – Albany Police Department

GO4 Parking and Enforcement Vehicles

GO4 Parking and Enforcement Vehicles




It has a small automotive footprint, while providing features and functions to keep your parking operations moving efficiently and safely. With the latest in License Plate Reader (LPR) and chalking technologies integrated into the design, the GO-4 is a small but mighty powerhouse that drives an increase in revenue for your department and sustainability goals for your city.


72” height, 120” length, 54” width

Designed for Parking. Near 9 foot turning radius, Dual Sliding doors, Hydraulic disc brakes, 66HP, Up to 45 MPG

1.0L 3 cylinder engine with EGR integrated low emissions system, 4 speed automatic transaxle

 Ultra tough full roll bar chassis

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72” height, 120” length, 54” width

Designed for Parking. Near 9 foot turning radius, Dual Sliding doors, Hydraulic disc brakes, 55HP, Up to 100 mile range

96 Volt, 3 phase AC motor, Over 20KW Lithium Ion Pack, Up to 2500 charge cycles

Ultra tough full roll bar chassis

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