We know that our GO4 and GO4EV are deployed in many different and challenging environments. From the hills of Seattle to the bustling streets of New York City. From the dessert heat of Las Vegas to the frozen north of Fargo.

We have had many questions as to how our vehicle performs in the cold, snow, and ice. Of course being that our company is located in Winnipeg, Canada we know that answer and it is simply “very good”. But why take our word for it when you can hear it right from the city that is likely as the nation’s icebox…….Fargo.

“The Go4 is the perfect vehicle for our on-street parking enforcement. The efficient design allows our patrollers to quickly move through downtown Fargo without interfering in normal traffic flow and the improved suspension system allows the vehicle to travel more safely in our northern climate. The Go4 Interceptor is an essential tool of our parking management program.” ~ Andrew Renfrew Fargo Operations Manager Interstate Parking Company Fargo, ND Jan 2017

Truth be told our vehicle has been used in inclement weather for decades. We have now made it even better; the new anti-dive front suspension allows us to maintain the nimble maneuverability while creating even better performance and stability especially in wet and slippery environments. The non-intrusive vehicle design allows for our GO4 to be the solution to today’s parking enforcement and not contributor to the problem like larger vehicles can be. Take our customers word for it and give us a try.