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GO-4 Flatbed | GO-4 XTF Extended Flat Deck

GO-4 Flatbed | GO-4 XTF Extended Flat Deck

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We are proud to introduce our new GO-4 Extended Flat Deck

We are proud to introduce our new GO-4 XTF. The XTF is based on our well known GO-4 platform. It has been extended to allow for a 4ft wide by 5ft long aluminum deck. Total carrying capacity has been increased up to 700lbs. Heat, AC, doors, and more is made optional allowing for a more budget friendly price point. Doors are optional and hinged, this make them easy to remove for the summer season which allows for a very large entry.



72” height, 140” length, 55” width ( 4x5ft deck )

700lb total payload, near 10 foot turning radius, optional hinged doors, hydraulic disc brakes, 66HP, Up to 45 MPG

1.0L 3 cylinder engine with EGR integrated low emissions system, 4 speed automatic transaxle

Ultra tough full roll bar chassis. Reinforced suspension. Aluminum deck with optional clamping walls.


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