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Parking Enforcement


Whether a large metropolitan city or a smaller town, the GO-4 is ideally suited for parking enforcement. In fact it was originally created with parking enforcement as a driving force behind its design, lending from the original three wheel Cushman pioneering the industry.  The GO-4’s narrow profile of only 52 inches allows it to fit in many tight locations, as well as double park next to parked cars without blocking a lane.

The easy access of sliding doors on both sides allows the operator to freely jump in and out of the vehicle from either side, not needing to exit on only the driver side which is typical for twin passenger vehicles. The doors can remain open while driving permitting the operator easy access while navigating. The vehicle is also very unique in design which gives a certain presence for your parking enforcement agencies, our vehicles do not blend in with all other vehicles on the road. A 6 foot tall cab gives superior visibility when driving.

Digital chalking & lpr

The GO-4 parking enforcement vehicle can also integrated with Digital Chalking License plate recognition.
With LPR cameras mounted on our parking enforcement vehicle, operators can optimize their routes and become more efficient at covering many types of parking zones throughout a city. This helps municipalities improve parking services for residents and businesses.

With each plate read, user-friendly in-vehicle software shows plate and vehicle images, time stamps, and more data for supported evidence in case of disputes. Wheel images and or full vehicle images can be recorded for extra proof against citation appeals.

Two fine companies we have worked with are: Tanery Creek Systems & Tanery Creek Systems