Over the past four years as we have been gradually rebuilding the foundation at Westward Industries (New parts portal, new electric platform, improved production). As we were more focused on internal improvements, some of our previous customers in response decided to try conventional vehicles to fill there requirements. However as time moved on, and we improved the business, we were delighted to find so many customers returning back to the GO-4 task specific vehicle.  Operators have realized the limitations of a conventional vehicle for a task specific job.

We have been advised by dozens of municipalities that today’s four wheel vehicles are full of creature comforts, yet they lack the access and agility of the GO-4 that allows them to do their job properly.

Just to name a few recent customer shipments;

Roseburg, Mall of America, Watsonville, Sarasota, Seattle, LAX Airport, Lansing,  Roanoke, Fargo, Stockton, New York, San Francisco, Richmond KY,  Santa Cruz, St. Petersburg, Berkeley, Walla Walla, and Los Gatos…..

Our appreciation goes out to all the municipalities and operators that continue to believe in our product with conviction, we will continue to work hard to earn your loyalty. We also welcome the opportunity to earn the business of new customers. Give Westward and the GO-4 a the chance to prove to you what all these others know – we are the right vehicle for the job.