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News Release                                                                                   November 12, 2015
                     Westward Industries—New and Improved GO-4   

Denver, Colorado. City of Denver announces receipt of three GO-4  Interceptor parking enforcement vehicles into the Denver market for November of  2015.  If the pilot program is successful, the overall intent is to replace most of the existing larger 4wd vehicles.  The GO-4 will provide increased fuel efficiency, greater maneuverability in traffic while reducing overall footprint allowing for less traffic interruptions.

Improvements made in the last few years include a redesigned front suspension, improved thermal acoustical heat shield, new LED lighting, new tilt  steering, and improved seat comfort ensure a user friendly driving experience while  contributing to more productivity in the field.

The Go-4 has great fuel economy and low maintenance costs making it the vehicle choice for all
departments.  Some of the features of the all new GO-4 include:
Dependable new power-plant with 4 speed hydraulic transmission
Ergonomic interior
Ultra-efficient LED lighting saves power & long lasting
Robust 2.5” Steel Roll Bar chassis designed for operator safety
Electronically governed to 40 – 45 MPH
2 piece sliding doors allowing easy access from both sides keeping the operator safe while allowing
for easier tire chalking or scanning
Compact nimble design for maneuvering in traffic
Tight turning radius
High visibility with 360 degree view

Westward Industries

Public Relations & Sales
Chris Franz

Phone: 204-594-4100

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