Air Conditioning is Cool

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Did you know that the first air conditioning installation in cars happened in 1933?

Since then, it has become a big deal, even in electric vehicles. In some climates, it is a must.

Equipping an EV with air conditioning means a cooler, more comfortable driving experience for the operator. It also means a safer drive with agents capable of remaining fresh and alert.

There’s an obvious correlation between the range and AC usage, as the AC system will be an additional component sharing from the onboard battery pack. That is why when choosing your vehicle, you need first to assess your needs of the daily range expected and electric accessories, and then selecting your battery pack.

Westward Industries’ MAX-EV, the on-road LSV, offers optional factory air conditioning.

All AC machinery is located up front, out of the way. Inside, you will find a simple control switch to operate it.

Our quick test showed that this potent accessory was able to reduce the temperature from 83F to 40F.

Reach out so we can guide you through the vehicle and battery selection process. We will be glad to help!

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